Free Books! : No Kidding

This is a quick blogger service announcement for those of you who want to read the classics of literature and don’t mind them in Ebook format.

Project Gutenberg is an online provider of free (and legal) Ebooks that can be downloaded to your Kindle, phone, Ipad or computer.

It’s a great way to read works like: Dracula, The Great Gatsby, The Complete Works of Robert Louis Stevenson, Jane Eyre, War and Peace and other titles that have fallen into the public domain and, in many cases, are out-of-print and tricky to find in physical book form.

So, if you’re interested in reading Fanny Hill (basically the Fifty Shades of Grey of the 1700s that was banned for 200 years) and you’re not keen on paying $19.99 for the Penguin Classic, then head over to Project Gutenberg where you can get it for free.

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