A Koala In My Backyard

In Australia, we use the term backyard loosely. It could mean anything from the space behind your house to your entire state.

I found this adorable little endangered species in the small wooded area that surrounds the housing development I live in. As it’s less than 10 minutes from my house, I’m calling it my backyard.

When I first caught sight of him/her sauntering across the footpath and into the trees, I thought I was looking at a cat, as I got closer I realised – I wasn’t.

Knowing how rare it is to see koalas in the wild at all (let alone one strolling around the suburbs), I pulled out my phone and got a few seconds of footage and a pretty great photo (if I do say so myself).

The koala must have sensed I had what I needed because as soon as I got my shot it crawled down the spindly trunk of the emaciated Eucalyptus and disappeared into the bush. Hopefully, it is now lounging in a bigger, healthier tree far away from prying eyes, cameras and stray dogs.

If you’re interested I’ve added the video. It’s got a handheld shakiness that is very Blair Witch Project but I think the pay-off is worth the potential motion sickness.



  1. Once in Adelaide, I had to make a full stop driving for a huge koala! In the end, traffic on both sides stopped and he took his time to cross that road πŸ™‚ Right in the middle of the city.

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