Sunday Street Art: Maryborough, Queensland

Maryborough is located approximately 250 kilometres north of Brisbane in the Australian state of Queensland. A small city with a lot of history, Maryborough was once a ship building centre, a wool port and an immigration centre with the first British immigrant ship (the Ariadne) arriving in 1862.

In January 2022, after almost two years of Covid lockdowns, Maryborough was inundated with water when the Mary River (on which the town is located) burst its banks after days of intense rain and thunderstorms. But the bad luck didn’t end there, because 6 weeks later a second flood occurred. This time, flood waters rose even higher and once again homes, the CBD and the town’s Portside tourist precinct were submerged.

Today, almost 12 months after that first flood, Maryborough is piecing itself back together but scaffolding, empty storefronts and closed businesses are a common sight. One thing not affected by the floods has been the Maryborough Mural Trail, a collection of street art that celebrates the history, wildlife and quirky characters of the area.

Like Arnie Twigg, lighter of lamps!
Or Bill Andersen, the delivery man.

Grab a map from the information centre and as you walk the trail, keep your eyes peeled for the other pieces of official and unofficial street art dotted throughout the town.

Here are a few choice picks from my recent trip:

Looking for more street art? Try here and here. Or, why not click here?

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