Modern Toilet: Taipei, Taiwan

Seems legit.

Modern Toilet is a themed restaurant located in Taipei, Taiwan. Rather than tell you what that theme is, I’m going to assume you read the title, looked at the above picture and were able to put two and number two together.

On the menu, items like Korean hot pot and chicken spaghetti with cream sauce sit alongside Turd Sub Sandwiches and Poop Stuffed Pancakes.

Is there anything more appealing than food served on a toilet seat?

To its credit, Modern Toilet doesn’t try to make everything into a poop joke. For example, Mozzarella Sticks and Popcorn Chicken are listed as exactly that, but if there’s the odd chance something could be mistaken for faeces, then Modern Toilet is not about to let that opportunity slip through its grotty little fingers.

A meatball may seem innocent enough, but you make that thing darker and more misshapen than normal and Presto! Poop Meatball.

Which is exactly how it’s listed on the menu.

To be fair, the menu I read was an English translation. I’m sure Modern Toilet’s faecal foodstuffs sound a lot more appetising in Mandarin Chinese. As, I’m hoping, do it’s desserts which in English are listed as:

Swirly Poop Ice Cream (served in a small ceramic toilet bowl.)

A Constipation Black Stool Snow Shaving (There are so many things wrong with this)


A Urine Clot Mango Snow Shaving

Urine. Clot. Drink that in for a moment. Figuratively, of course.

Although if you are thirsty you can always wash your meal down with a Taiwanese Urine Beer, a Diarrhea Cocoa or a Coke Zero.

Oh my God, gross.
(Photo: Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash)

However, if you’re the kind of person who’s always wanted to eat soft-serve chocolate
ice-cream out of a toilet bowl then:

1: I don’t want to know you


2: Modern Toilet could be your ultimate dining experience.

As for me, I couldn’t even bring myself to go inside.

However, intrepid You Tuber and Blogger Christine Kaaloa or GRRRL Traveller did and you can watch her video about the experience here:

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