4 Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Women

So, you’ve been invited to a Halloween party but you have nothing to wear.

It’s too late to order a costume online and that sexy Beetlejuice costume you wore in 2019 is falling to bits.

Probably shouldn’t have worn it to all those job interviews.
Photo by Jason Yoder on Unsplash

What do you do?

Well, fear not, fair readers, as I present to you 4 (because I couldn’t think of 5) cheap and easy Halloween costumes.

Not only are these costumes easy to throw together, they also double as conversation starters, as no doubt everyone around you will want to know, “what have you come as?”


Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

Do you have a trench coat?

Do you have long black hair?

Do you have a surgical mask?

If you have answered yes to all three of these questions then, viola! You have a SLIT MOUTHED WOMAN (aka Kuchisake-Onna) costume.

This vengeful Japanese spirit hides a hideously mutilated mouth under a mask which she only removes to terrify school children or those wandering the streets of urban Japan after dark.

This makes her not only menacing but also Covid safe! Perfect for 2021.


Do you have a wetsuit?

Do you have a diving mask?

Can you hold your breath for over 3 minutes?

Then why not be less horrific and more heroic this Halloween and dress up as a Haenyo, or Korean female free-diver. These foraging forces of nature have an average age of 60 making this costume perfect for the more “seasoned” Halloween party goer.


Do you like to party?

Are you always the first on the dance floor?

Ever been so drunk you’ve torn a man apart with your bare hands?

Then throw on some animal skins, smudge your eyeliner, muss up your hair and go to your Halloween party as a Maenad.

These female followers of Dionysus were the ultimate party girls of Greek mythology. Maenads would get so “possessed by Dionysus” they would work themselves into a murderous frenzy, rampaging the forests of Greece, dancing wildly and ripping apart those that dared to harsh their buzz.


Do you own a white dress?

Do you have long hair?

Do you possess a scream that belongs on a Real Housewives reunion episode?

If so, dressing up like a wailing harbinger of doom from Celtic folklore could be right up your alley.

Unlike that sexy ketchup costume you saw on Amazon, you won’t need to worry about whether you’re pretty enough to pull off this look because no one can agree on the exact age or attractiveness of a Banshee. To some she appears as a beautiful maiden. To others she’s a hag.

Whatever her form, what can be agreed upon is that this lady is LOUD. And, should you be unfortunate enough to hear her shrieking then someone close to you is about to die…or a table is about to be flipped.

Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash

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